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Plenty of colours

Plenty of colour in and around the house
Now that we're spending most of our time at home, it's time to make it cozy. There are chores to do, things to paint and gardens to tend. Pots, planters and borders are filled with spring flowering bulbs, annuals and perennials. We've collected these colorful images for inspiration.
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Always the right image or video
Over the past 4 seasons, Visions followed the planting process of spring bulbs becoming a blooming spring garden. The results are in the video above. Are you interested in an exclusive image, product video or corporate film that will contribute to the sales of your products? Contact us, we're happy to advise you.
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Colorful Summer
The summer bulbs and perennials are planted again, so you can enjoy colorful terraces and borders all summer long. Are you looking for images of summer bloomers and perennials?
You can find them in our image bank.
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Easter 2020
Do you see the creativity growing around you, in the broadest sense of the word? All of the initiatives are taken to help each other through this period. The blinders are off, sectors are given a face and a voice.
"They" become "we".
We wish you and your loved ones a healthy and loving Easter.

What's New
Our image library is constantly updated and only the best images are included. Curious to see what's new?
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What's Hot
Spring images are hot right now. Mixes, close ups, spring flowering bulbs, or a cheerful spring bouquet.
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