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Summer full of colour

Spring Mix
Looking back on a special spring, Visions was able to photograph a variety of new spring flowering bulbs.
In addition to close ups, groups and garden settings, we captured many mixed bouquets.
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We have compiled a collection of mixed tulips.
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Colorful Summer
A patio with colorful summer flowers in uniquely designed pots from the Capi Europe range, with who Visions recently collaborated. Flower pots for every garden, interior, terrace or balcony.
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Lily Company B.V.
Visions is proud to photograph for, and represent this amazing collection of lilies from the Lily Company. All kinds of lilies in different settings can be admired here.
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Houseplant of the month June
Zantedeschia/Calla is the houseplant of the month June. The plant is best known for its colored blooms in white, pink, yellow, red, purple or even almost black. In addition to being a wonderful houseplant, it's also suitable as a garden plant.
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What's New
Our image library is constantly updated and only the best images are included. Curious to see what's new?
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What's Hot
Enjoy a real vacation feeling in the garden or on your balcony. Would you like to show this with images? Visions has made a collection of Mediterranean plants, grasses and colorful blooms for your inspiration.

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